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Thursday, July 1, 2010


I have the next five, count them, five days off!!! I woke up giddy with the idea I didn't have to go to work. I love my work but it can suck the life outta me like a vampire devouring a young maiden (have you guessed that I can be a bit dramatic at times?) Last night we had another emergency with a patient coming straight up from the emergency room, VERY crazy. I work with such great people, I am the youngest of all the nurses on my shift. In fact, I have three years of nursing experience and they each have over twenty, so you can imagine the great wisdom I get from them. Plus we really work well as a team. It is amazing what we can do when we work together, prime example is our patient making it out of the OR alive, that was the work of at least 12 people in the OR alone (say a prayer for this person God will know who you are talking about).
Anyways, I thought I'd document how a spiritual sailor girl nurse spends five days with nothin (giddy laugh) and I mean nothin to do. BTW all work on OG is on hold because I am solely focused on getting back to the "serene Erika", though not sure how well I can adhere to that plan (the work part not the serene part..actually serene part too :-) ). So over the next five days (giddy laugh) I will spend time hanging around the boat, watching soccer with friends(go Ghana!!), and catching up with family, who I have neglected these last few hectic weeks.

So far on day one of my five day vacation to do list titled: accomplishments to find the "serene Erika" again:
1)write in my blog (it is a bit healing, like a diary)
2)catch up on the correspondence I have neglected (sorry my wonderful friends!)
3)more to come...

*word (s) of the day - Five days or giddy laugh (you pick) :-)

***Update to day one of my five day vacation to do list titled: accomplishments to find "serene Erika" again:

3)Drove through the remnants of hurricane Alex to spend time with my family (sis and husband, two nephews, a niece and her best friend). They are quite fun for dirt lovers. I mainly hung out with them, we played our own version of the pictionary game, and I was introduced to that show "Top toys" made by the brit who does "top Gear" (can't remember his name but really cool show). Only one hiccup in my serenity today is that my niece wants me to spend the night on Sunday when I go to katy for the 4th of July celebration, but that means sleeping on land (read no sleep). I hate sleeping on land!! Actually I hate being away from the water for more than a few hours, I get very ancy (spell?)to get back to where I clearly belong (I put the ocean in ocean girl ;-) ). But when my little Erika Lily looks up at me with those big beautiful dark eyes and asks so sweetly, how can any self respecting aunty say no?

She is so adorable we keep this protective face shield on or none can resist the lure of her adorableness (yes that is a word).

4) fixed all the apparent typos in above post (though it is now 2:30 am so I know I didn't get em all (I am a lousy writer but it doesn't seem to stop me from writing - go figure)

5) and finally on my accomplishments for the day I saved my floating dock from "floating" away. It broke loose during one of the many squalls that rolled through thanks to hurricane Alex. *Add re-drill the cleat bolts to OG's to do list (where is my soul mate? the work is piling up! :-) ).

BTW-I can sleep just fine on land when in a hammock so I figure my brother-in-law can install some big bolts in the walls of the guestroom and I can bring my favorite bliss hammock. He hasn't actually said yes to that idea but who would mind big steel bolts sticking out of their walls? seems perfectly reasonable to me, but they are landlubbers so who knows what they think!

OK that is it for now, as I type this the last few megabytes of Stargate Universe is finally finishing it's download..he he can't wait to watch em.

Erika (reaching 36% serenity, hoping to top out at 100 any day now)

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