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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Two simple act of kindness

Two remarkable things happend to me this week.
So yesterday I am at work, and as usual it is a crazy day :-). Towards the end of my shift, out of the blue, I am given this wonderful gift. A girlfriend and her mother gave me a charm bracelet with a little sailboat, a globe, a trasure chest, telescope, and a paper chart charm on it. The bracelet is all about travel and adventure and Geraldine said her mom just had to get it for me(little old me!), her mom insisted that it was perfect for me. I had met Geraldine's mom at Geraldine's wedding shower two years ago, and I haven't seen her since. Actually I don't even know Geraldine too well, we work together and have spent time at BBQs and such, she is so funny and we always laugh when we get to hang out with each other. Anyways, funny how someone you barely know pegs you so well. You see, I don't go for diamons or gold, I don't pine for expensive baubles. If I do wear jewelry I prefer silver and love anything nautical, one of my favorite bauble is a pair of seashell earings I bought for $4.99 (so I can hear the ocean all the time :-) ). It was such a sweet thing to do for someone she barely knows, I am amazed by the kindness of people around me.

Then the very next day a friend (who I have never met in person) sent me a book called the Out-Island Doctor, can't wait to dive into it, it is the first book I have seen about a sailor who helps the locals in the ports he travels to. I feel like God is giving little hugs of encouragement about my journey towards cruising. Anyways, THANKS Andrew! I am so blessed to have such kind friends.



Ken n Cheryl said...

It's so nice to hear about kind acts just because. Both the bracelet and the book sound terrific! It does sound like the universe is pushing you into your dream.

Erika (aka Ocean Girl) said...

Thanks! I seem to lose sight of my path at times and fall flat on my face. Then God picks me up, brushes me off, and sets me back on the road. Why God spoils me I will never know, but I'll take all the grace I can get :-) The book is really great too.