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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day Three Of My Five Day Vacation

Well Argentina sure disappointed me, not because they lost but because they were such poor sportsmen. So by 22 minutes into the game I defected over to Germany, though I just couldn't seem to warm up to them either..I miss Ghana sniff sniff. At least I still have the Netherlands, hope they make it to the finals, I am not sure where I will watch it. I have one friend that enjoys soccer (only one! we Americans gotta get with the program) but it would be great to go somewhere to enjoy the game with more than our army of two. We liked Boondoggles over in Seabrook, guess that is where we will go (?).

So today's accomplishments to find the "serene Erika" included:
1) watch the Germany v Argentina game (2)then I went over to the spa for a massage, and (3)back to boat for a nap. Are you getting the idea that I am a lazy bum? Well I am. Today I embraced laziness with a bear hug and a big sloppy wet kiss (ahhh 100% bum, forgot what it feels like). I do have a nagging voice in the back of my head telling me to do a project or two, but I choose to ignore it (gleefully in fact). It is kind of funny cause I love to work on the boat. So why pray tell is it so fun to ignore boat work too? Am I the only one? Is this a blonde thing? Or is it just the exhaustion talking? How can I still be so tired when I have taken a nap? Hmm soon I will be pondering my latest snack for the day, sorry to bore you with this dribble. I am beginning to see that this posting stuff shouldn't be done on a daily basis, I am not interesting enough. So, in light of this discovery I will back off and post when something profound happens. See ya next year ;-).


Oh wait I must explain the creepy mermaid picture (so more boring dribble but hey it my blog after all ;-) )

I love the octopus. I am strangely drawn to them but also equally terrified of the beautiful creature. I would rather face a big great white shark than a medium sized octopus (that is no exaggeration!). One of my earliest memories is of sitting on the beach in Hawaii playing in the sand with my seashells and coveted sharks teeth, I couldn't of been more than 4 years old. There were adults standing all around me talking intently and pointing out to the dive boat sitting just off the beach. These people were my parents dive buddies (I think) and they were talking about their friend that was killed by an octopus. The octopus knocked the respirator out of the mouth of the diver, he was unable to get it back in his mouth because he was all tangled up in the octopus. Well, 36 years latter I still remember the fear in the air from those who always seemed so fearless. Anyways, I love this picture, though it seems dark, it has a dangerous beauty about it which describes the ocean and it's creatures rather well too I think, beautiful and frightening all at the same time. It also has a mermaid in it and as you can tell I have a thing for those too.

This is the only octopus I'd swim with, but I'd still keep a close eye on him.


Ken n Cheryl said...

What a cute little octopus! I think the mermaid picture is cool - mysterious but cool! By the way, I'm being lazy today too. Need a vacation from the holiday!

Erika (aka Ocean Girl) said...

Yep, he is quite adorable, but don't let him fool you, octopus's are way too smart (those shifty eye!)
I say you relax and blow off work! but don't tell ken (or cheryl :-) )I told ya.
Today (day five of my vacation) I am finally rested enough to work on the boat. Hmmm, maybe I needed a bit longer vacation.