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Friday, July 23, 2010

I am so mad I could just spit!! ...paw-tewi !

Well, as you might of guessed I am spittin mad. I bought two deep cell batteries about three months ago, one of the batteries never really would take a charge and I have determined that it is bad. I tried to exchange it at the store that I purchased the batteries from but they wouldn't even pro rate it, they did graciously offer to take it and give me a core charge! (spittin mad)... So I officially boycott Blackburns Marine (period) they are now dead to me (period).
I really should of bought the batteries from west marine, their prices may be a bit higher but dagnabbit they would of taken those batteries back and made this deal good, they know customer service. So tomorrow I will go cry on Nolan's shoulders (manager of West Marine, known him for 20 years), beg forgiveness for wandering, and see what kind of deal he can give me. Plus Nolan has a load tester so I can check to see what my other battery looks like, I wonder if the bad battery ruined my good battery.

My new volvo parts are waiting for me at the office (Yahoo!) but this weekend is all about preparing for a Hurricane. TD Bonnie isn't going to hit us, but I need to refine the exact line configuration, add chain cleats, and get my other supplies together. I will post my Hurricane "box" prep, so you all can give me some feedback if see something I might have missed.


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