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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cinderella finds her Prince Charming...

Well after beating the bushes for years and years I have finally flushed out my prince!! I have so much to say about it but words die at my keyboard. I guess it is so deep, theses feelings I have, that it is way too personal for a medium such as this. But I will say that I have waited a long time for this fellow, and nearly gave up the search.

I find it amazing that there really is such a thing as a soul mate. This admission is pretty funny coming from the gal that created a singles group with almost 200 members titled "single sailors seeking soul mate", but back then (before Brian ) I was running on pure 100% blind faith. I now have him in the flesh and find myself stunned and shaking my head in wonder saying there really is such a thing as a soul mate .

I apologize for the mushy stuff, a far cry from the boat repair and sea adventure stories, but this is the biggest adventure my heart has ever seen (period).

Brian..sigh :-) Cinderella finds her Prince Charming...I wont be single handing after all, yahoo!

More to come, when the words stop dieing at my keyboard.