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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pack weekend

This weekend my project was not boat related, it was making homeless packs. Homeless packs are bags of provisions for the homeless guys that live under a bridge outside my work. I think I did pretty well and got most items on sale. I made two packs and each has about a weeks worth of food, a fleece jacket (on sale for ten bucks!!), and 10 bucks in small bills. I added some scripture (God loves them stuff) and a hygiene kit. All in all the packs are about 30 bucks each (that includes the cash).
I hope to make two packs a month on a regular basis. The trick is dropping them off without putting myself in a potentially dangerous situation but most of the guys are harmless and just need a little help. If you are interested in making homeless packs for your area here is a couple good links with recommended items and pointers on safety.
Blog written by a homeless guy great blog! scroll down to the bottom.
Packs for the homeless

Tap Tap Tap..is this thing on?

OK, my first post on my first blog. I should say something profound... hmmm I got nothin. Well, before I unleash my thoughts upon the universe I better make sure this thing works.
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