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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cruising Women Are So Beautiful!

Well, life is moving along here on OG, though not as quickly as I'd like as far as the boat is concerned. I have been working at the Heart and Vascular Institute all week, so a heavy dose of serenity (and sleep) is needed when I get home at night.

Still having trouble with my bed, or uh my bunk. Seems I am unable to sleep in the vberth comfortably, I wake up with a stiff neck(?). I moved my bed out into the main salon (foam and all), I sleep like a baby again. Same bed, different location. Very strange and a pain to have my bedding in the middle of my main salon. The only difference between the two locations is in the vberth my toes point to the bow, in the main salon my toes point to the stern. Maybe I will try sleeping in the vberth with my head at the bow. I am bow light (no anchor chain in the chain locker yet) so I do use a wedge to stay "level".

Had breakfast with Linda aboard SeaYawl Later. Linda and her husband Rusty just came back from an extended shake down cruise to the Exumas. They are now ready to really disconnect from the burdens of land stuff, sell everything and go cruising. Cruising women are so beautiful! they always have a sparkle in their eyes and a carefree smile upon their sun kissed faces. She, like Ann on Como No, told me to get my buns out cruising, but "getting out there" seems a bigger challenge than I anticipated. Or rather, at times it seems pretty darn far away. BUT I am getting closer, and I can hear Obi-Wan Kenobi say...patience my young friend (yes I am a sci-fi geek).



Alexandra aka mom said...

Stay steady, keep to your plan. Pay your bills, save your money (does this sound like your mother?)and you will be rewarded with more than you can dream of now - and from a direction you cannot even fathom now. Remember me!

Ken n Cheryl said...

One step at a time... at least that's what we keep telling ourselves, as well. Your mom is a wise woman!

rob said...

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