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Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th!

Well, it isn't 4th of July without me shaking my fist at a powerboat or two. It brings me to one of my many pet peeves, the no wake zones! I think many people look at a no wake zone as a small wake zone or even medium wake zone...it is No Wake as in NO wake, got it buddy? I have a behemothpowermegayachtthingy that lives across the way and he absolutely loves to tear in and out of the marina, last night I stood on the end of my finger pier and shook my fist at him, I must of been quite a spectacle (look out, grumpy sailor at three o’clock!) but frankly I didn't care, a gal has got to stand up to bullies when she feels the calling. But my fist shaking did not have the desired effect, in fact I don't think the party goers even noticed me, they were too busy having fun. So I grumbled to myself and crawled back down below OG, I felt like a grumpy old man, maybe the hermit in me is having a bit too much influence, time for a sail.

I installed the anchor storage with the needed drainage holes and attached it with two heavy duty hose clamps, it took less than 30 minutes and is much stronger.

Now I am about to crawl down in the lazarette and tighten the alternator belt, wish me luck.


Jon said...

Here, let me help with that...1/2 inch wrench and a prybar please ;^)

Anonymous said...

Please do not promote soccer as a US game, we have enough foolishness in this country, like giants playing basketball, who needs another sleeper sport. There I said it.
Like your blog. Your Mom is cool. Your writing is very entertaining and I drive the speed limit which means NO wake. If you want I'll come over with the Wifey and cuss out the big nasty boat across the way. I wonder if you videoed him leaving and gave it to the jokesters down at the Marine Patrol....well if would be fun to see the look on their face when we insist they take action. Probably just come over and board your boat for a safety check. How's that for a comment. LOL

Erika (aka Ocean Girl) said...

Jeepers, I should of realized the no wake zone would be a hot button issue!
If you stand at the end of my pier you can clearly see a no wake sign painting big on the bulkhead across the way. So if I take a pic or video of the yahoo making a wake, the boat and boat name on the stern, would be perfectly in the shot with the no wake sign ;-). So as dirty harry used to say....come on buddy,make my day.

Erika (aka Ocean Girl) said...

OH, and about soccer, try it you will like it!

Alexandra aka mom said...

Never crawl into the engine compartment without notifying the fire department. They have these jaws of life (or death) things that can pry you right out of there, easy as pie.

Erika (aka Ocean Girl) said...

Mom, I almost got stuck the last time I was down there, for a split second my heart went pitter patter (not the good pitter patter but the bad pitter patter) then I took a breath and wiggled my way out of the corner I had backed myself into (this required me to put my head between my knees and wiggle, not fellin the love for the boat at that moment!). I have figured out that the only way to get close to the back of the engine is to enter in one lazarette and exit on the other, but that requires total commitment to the journey and if I run into trouble this gal may never see the light of day! But us sailor gals have true grit, arrr me matey!

rob said...

How about a paint ball gun for the speeders! then as they go by (without noticing ir even looking at you) you can cover their hull in (dare I say ) pink paint, :o)) would it be illegalMmmmmmm? "Hi officer! Illegal really? I was just trying to find some way to identify those who act illegally on the water and bring it to the attention of others so that they can get their Royal Doulton china stowed safetly before the offenders pass :o)) sorry.