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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Birthday Fun (OLD POST ALERT!!)

It was my birthday weekend filled with boat fun and even a recounting of my birth....
Alecia, mom says I was the most beautiful baby of us three! She also says I was the most well behaved baby, never cried, always smiling, and never fussed...a sister must rub it in.
This revelation that I was in fact a perfect baby contradicts the earlier accounting's of my beginnings. And so, at 41, I finally find out that the "pumpkin head" joke was all huey! Let me explain to the good folks at home about "pumkin head". All my life my sis and brother said I was born with a pumpkin head. It was said that my head dwarfed my puny body, so big that it could only be compared to a prized pumpkin! So the pumpkin head name was born. I finally have proof that I was in fact a perfect baby (moms words!), and the most beautiful baby she has ever seen (again mom's words!).

I will try to post the famed photo that was used to support the legend of the Pumkinhead...but I think all evidence has been destroyed (I think I got it all :-) )

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Amazing how that familiar feeling of shock and disbelief is still there, deep down it is right where I left it. I wanted to post a picture from that day but I just can't, way too sad.

I was in Rhode Island on that day, working for Sea Ray Yachts. A coworkers Aunt was on the second plane and one of my customers had missed a morning meeting in the First tower.

God Bless America

Friday, September 10, 2010

Kayaking out to the lake

Had a little fun this evening kayaking out into the lake then sat drifting in the shallows watching the boats.. and the waves.. and the birds.. and the sky.. and the clouds....sigh, I love this life.

How funny it is, my love for the water. No matter the boat I am in nor the depth of water below the keel, as long as I am afloat my heart is happy.

When I got home I sat at the bow in my hammock and watched Venus try to keep pace with the Moon as it sets to the west. The moon was a mere sliver but extremely bright in the deep blue black backdrop of the night sky, absolutely beautiful.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ocean Girl has a sleep over!!

Here are some pictures of my niece and nephew when they came down for the weekend.

The hammocks were very popular watching the sunrise, sunset, and stargazing at night.

Erika Lily cleaned the boat while I yelled "swab that deck!"

Erika Lily likes to nap in the kayak too (just like her Auntie :-) )

Warren woke up with the sun and was the man about the marina, sight seeing and meeting the locals. Erika Lily is a natural onboard, she loves the boat and can't wait to go sailing. Erika Lily hints that I need a bigger boat, something with "four stories". She has what we sailors call "another foot itis", always wanting a bigger boat.