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Sunday, July 18, 2010

My booty

Here is a pic of my $25 purchase.....drool away.

But wait! that is not all, along with my $25 purchase my friend threw in for free....a beautiful replica of the Star Trek USS Enterprise!(sci-fi nuts commence the drooling)

My friend is cleaning out his boat and car of all the stuff he has collected over the many years of dumpster diving. For those who do not know about this elite sport with its very savvy and tenacious group of athletes let me enlighten you. Dumpster diving is the sport (art form to many) of picking through the dumpster at your local marina and boat yards. It is amazing what people throw away and if you are man enough to weed through junk and debris you may just find a real treasure. I tried this sport in my younger years but just couldn't get the courage to touch trash (a proud germaphobe). So I have stayed on the side lines and cheered my dumpster diving friends to victory! As you can see from my purchase (did I mention it was only 25 dollars?) dumpster diving is a sport where everyone wins...

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