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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harvest Moon

Our Harvest moon flag, the wind beat it to near death.

Here is a vid of the Matagorda Bay crossing. It was blowing about 20-25+ knots and we were hauling butt! Brian was down below taking a nap, Shel was at the helm sailing the hell outta that boat, and I was hanging on enjoying the ride.

We came in 2nd in our division for Harvest moon Regatta. I loved Port A and the ICW trip back to Galvestion. The race down was a bit rough and very wet. I learned that I do not like to race nor sail at 30 deg! So Brian and I now have a understanding, when he wants to race Rain Dog I will be his land crew waiting for him at the next port with a hot shower and cold beer. For all other cruising trips Ocean Girl (the Girl) is to sail at 15-20 degrees,call me a princess but when you cannot pee in the toilet for fear of getting it on the bulkhead (wall) it is time to reef! (sorry for the potty talk!)

The pack of boats behind us...272 boats started the race, 70ish dropped out due to heavy weather conditions and assorted gear malfunctions. One vessel was struck by a fishing boat (everyone was ok but boat was dismasted).

My guy, enjoying the calm before the hard sailing night.

There was a dolphin playing in that ship's bow wake but I couldnt get the shot (dagnabbit!)

My guy at the helm

Me. Salty, sweaty, hiding from the sun, happy as a clam.

The ICW was so pretty and the perfect refuge from a rowdy stormy Gulf.

Life is good :-)