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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The problem with righteous indignation..

The problem with righteous indignation is if you turn out to be wrong, man is it tough to admit it!
My big rant a couple weeks ago about being sold a bad battery turns out to be untrue. The battery does have a bit of an issue but not bad per say (told ya it is tough to admit it!). So I reinstalled all the batteries with new battery boxes (sweet)and a new battery charger (double sweet!). I bought the B&D smart charger 40 amp, it will float the batteries and even recondition them if need be. I did have a big scare when I went to use the alternator health test on the new charger. The health test indicated - "THE ALTERNATOR IS BAD" in big red flashing lights. I sat there, sweaty and dirty and thought..well I can just strangle myself with the alternator belt and be done with it! But before I could wrap the belt around my neck to end this boat repair saga I realized that the engine needs to be running in order to use the alternator health test feature -WHEW! (blonde moment #3 for August).

This weekend was a whirlwind of social fun and boat work. Went to movies and saw "The Other Guys" with my friend Brian, funny movie. Bunch of friends trickled by all weekend as I worked on the boat, it slowed work down but was absolute blast showing off OG to my friends and chatting wood care and anchors. Then tonight we had an impromptu BBQ up at the gazebo. So I was quite the social butterfly ( the hermit will resume her duties during my work week:) ).

I am babysitting Pasha (a pampered feline) and Como No (a big beautiful Cape Dory 40), their mom and dad are out of town. Here is a shot of pasha, she is so sweet and I have been sucking up to her all day in the hopes she will cuddle when it is beddy by time tonight.


camryka said...

Hey hi, Erika, Carl and Mary of sv CAMRYKA, formerly MARIAH here. We were buddy boats with TIGGER from Isla Mujeres to Rio Dulce, many moons ago. As I recall, we met you there and you stayed aboard MARIAH and took care of our mini-Schnauzer, Tashi. So glad to see that you are continuing the cruising tradition! I am forever more a full-blooded cruiser, although I am now stuck in a house -- located in Bacas del Toro, Panama. We still have CAMRYKA anchored out front and still hoping to get back aboard, though just part time. Have you checked out the Woman and Cruising website? (www.womenandcruising.com) Not only will you love the website but the website will welcome your contributions. I surely enjoyed reading you blog!
Best wishes,

Erika (aka Ocean Girl) said...

Mary! It is great to hear from you. I think of you two (three) often. I remember heading out into the jungles of Guatemala to search for snakes with Carl, don't tell him but I prayed we'd never find any :). I will check out that blog, love to find more sailing women out there.