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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Well its been 5 years since that horrible event, Katrina category five hits the Gulf coast. I cried many times for the people who died, were trapped, or injured. I cried today just remembering and I still have to swallow the anger of how miserably we failed to help the survivors. I was a nursing student at the time and it was surreal to go to class, to study, to eat and sleep knowing that there were so many nearby that were in big trouble. Many times I fought the urge of leaping up out of my seat and run out of class to do something..anything! Yet all I could do was pray, gather up what I could to give, and call my senator to chew em out. I think back and admire the determined people who threw their boats on trucks and trailers and drove to the waters edge to make their way into the the city to find survivors. I admire the rescue workers who were givin few resources for a Herculean job.

May Katrina's failures never happen again.
1836 lives lost, countless injured physically and emotionally.

A lot of heroes, big and small...

A lot of hearts broken...

I had the privilege to get to know one survivor and her family. Her name was Chaqita and she was from the 9th ward, she stayed at the shelter next to where I worked as a teacher in the Child development center. Anyways, Chaqita got out of New Orleans with her 5 kids before the storm hit. But her brother stayed behind with their uncle who had refused to leave. The uncle died in the dome (hell dome), her brother survived but was very traumatized. Chaqita lost everything, lost her home, her uncle, didn't know where half her family was, and yet she was always graceful, thankful, and positive.

Chaqita and I bonded from the very get go. We come from totally different backgrounds but we talked and hugged like sisters. I still think of her and pray for her and her family. This photo below of a woman and her kids (Katrina survivor) reminds me of Chaqita, strong, resilient, and loved. If I could of hugged every Katrina survivor I would of, we all would of.


Herb n Laura said...

That is a beautiful post. Thankyou.

Ken n Cheryl said...

Great post and pictures! As a native New Orleanian who went through Katrina, I am truly thankful that this hurricane season has treated us well so far. Can't wait till we're safe in October!

Erika (aka Ocean Girl) said...

Yep, just another month or so and we will be in the clear..until next year :).