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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Every time I brag that there are certain things that I am totally uninterested in learning about God seems to kick my butt into learning about it. So in light of that discovery I'd like to state that I love my electrical system, I love learning about it and can't wait for my next day off to dive into the wonderful world that is OG's house batteries.

Today I tested each cell of both batteries, logging what each read. Tonight B1 will get a full charge. Tomorrow night if I am not too tired from work I will fully charge B2. I like to watch over them while charging, it is not my charger so am a bit unfamiliar with it. I believe one battery is bad, this testing should give me a hint to which one it might be, and heck I might as well admit it, this battery stuff is kinda interesting :-).
I also tried to buy the Gates green stripe alternator belt for "honeybunny" my engine, but the auto parts store I went to did not have my size..sigh. So I will put the same belt back on, it is in perfect shape so I am not to worried about it. I am waiting to hear back from my volvo parts folks on the water hose, I hope to have it by thursday so I can install it this next weekend. This boat will sail one day soon, just gotta keep my nose to the grind stone. I guess it would be good to buy a maintenance log, this boat stuff is more complicated than I remember. Guess it was selective memory.

I cleaned out my storage shed today to make room for some tools my dad gave me (thanks dad! you rock!).


Ken n Cheryl said...

I really admire you for learning all the boat "stuff". It's all greek to me, but I need to start learning too.

Erika (aka Ocean Girl) said...

You can do it! and the neat thing is - it is fun. I think you really have it made cause you got a handy man husband around. I daydream of the day I can just throw my hands up and say "here, you fix it".. ahh yes a beautiful fantasy.