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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pain, music to my ears :)

It seems since becoming a nurse I have a nasty habit of driving up to car accidents just moments after they happen. I average one a month sometimes two times a month. Tonight, coming back from my nephews birthday party I came upon a motorcycle accident. It was after dark and as I came up to him I could see him lying in the road, he wasn't moving (gulp). But as soon as I got out of my car and started over to him I could hear a blissful sound...pain, loud moans of pain, funny how comforting it was at that moment. Moans mean he is breathing, moans mean he is alive. I knelt at his head to talk with him as I mentally went down my "worry" list. How is he breathing, pulse OK? any blood loss, etc etc. This poor guy seems like he will be ok. He moved all his limbs, but his stomach was distended (beer belly?) so I wonder about internal injuries. He remained stable and I left when the ambulance got there.

Worked on the boat for a bit and worked at my storage shed putting away more tools from my dad (thanks dad!!) Dad gave me two big tool boxes of goodies, a Circular saw, and a huge bag of electrical stuff (yahoo!).

I think the heat got to me this weekend, don't know how hot it really got but boy was it hot! I think we are at the stage in this Texas summer where it is prudent to hide in the boat during the hottest part of the day and only come out in the morning or evening. I can't wait for it to cool down, 100 degrees with no wind makes for lousy sailing. Here is a picture of a great sunset at sea. I was aboard a Little Harbor, delivering her from St Thomas to Eleuthra Bahamas.



Ken n Cheryl said...

Oh, I hate to hear about motorcycle accidents! My husband and I have motorcycles and he's actually on his right now. We enjoy our bikes, but we never forget to be careful and be aware of the dangers.

We know what you mean about the heat! Texas and Louisiana are pretty much the same weather wise. It's just too hot to do anything, including motoring in the sailboat when there's no wind.

Erika (aka Ocean Girl) said...

Yep, heat index was 108/109 this weekend, no wonder it zapped me.

The motorcyclist had a helmet on, it was scraped up with a big gash across the front, I bet it saved his life. Be very careful on your bikes, one little mistake...

Alexandra aka mom said...

Sunset at sea, it truly doesn't get better than that! Glad you are enjoying the tools, our storage shed looks 100% better!