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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday, sunshine, one small cloud, and a kayak.

Well, we finally see the sun!! It is sunny, I have the boat open, and the cool breeze is ablowin. It feels like Ocean Girl's heart is beating again, but one small cloud appeared above the horizon. I am epoxing a few holes on deck and generally putzing about the boat when I see that I still have Gracie Jack's scratching post with a small cat brush hanging in the cockpit. I find it amazing that my cat has been gone for months and I am still finding her stuff about (hence the one small cloud). How do you miss a big scratching post? How did I not see her stuff before? Oh well, the mind is a weird place few should travel to. Here is a snap shot of her in her favorite spot. I miss ya Gracie Jack, you darn cat. Now I will go kayaking.

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Richard said...

As a fairly new blogger, I always enjoy finding other new, neat blogs! Great blog! Best wishes and God bless!