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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My boat fairy...Igor

Well, I am about to get ready to go to work but thought I'd post a quick line as to not appear to of abandoned my blog at it's infancy.
Work has been crazy but that is nothing new. It is raining and I have decided that I'd like to see this winter end. I don't care that P****Phil saw his shadow (no way I can spell his name!). I am done with winter. So turn up the heat God, please. On the up side, it is nice and gusty with winds in the mid 20s. I love it when it is windy and the boat is rockin and rollin, it reminds me of being offshore.
Did I tell you I have a pet fish? His name is Igor (from Young Frankenstein). He is a big sheepshead and loves to clean my hull. The other night as I was just drifting off to sleep I heard this odd scraping sound coming through the hull, I realized it was Igor scraping the growth off the portside of OG bow - too cool! I like to joke about needing a "boat fairy" to work on the boat while I sleep, well God always answers prayers and in the most unexpected ways:). He is very camera shy but I will keep trying to get a snap shot of him (Igor not God). Also, Igor has recently met a girl sheepshead (just in time for Valentine's day). Ahhh, to hear the pitter patter of little fins about the boat..

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