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Thursday, June 10, 2010

It Is Good To Have So Many Friends!

Above picture: Igor my pet fish, the only picture I am able to get of him. If you blow it up you just might make the out line of his profile and tail fin. He is always hanging around but disappears whenever I get the camera out.

Picture below: Now here is the new addition to the family. Da dada da! introducing Harvey! He is an absolute riot, very comical and is always up to antics. He loves to fish from the middle of the dock lines as they bounce and dip with the waves, he nearly falls in the water at least once a day. He has been a bit grumpy lately, I think it is because he has a girlfriend and she is giving him the run around. I told Sue Ellen (we named her Sue Ellen) he was a straight up gentleman and would make her laugh but she is being picky (women).


Jon said...

Hi Ocean Girl. I have read through some of your posts...very cool. In 1993 I had a guy weld me up a steel hull and I finished her out my self. It only took 7 years ;^) I can relate to your boat projects. I have also been living aboard since 1987 (with one 3 year pause ashore). Regards, Jon.

Erika (aka Ocean Girl) said...

Hi Jon,
It seems once you live on a boat it ruins you for land living :).

Ken n Cheryl said...

Yes, we love our various wildlife friends! Watching the birds and ducks in our backyard are a nice way to clear our minds.

seagreen said...

Perhaps Igor should keep an eye out for Harvey!

Robert said...

"These are the days I wish Ocean Girl (the boat and the girl) was about twenty years younger:-)."

Interesting thought - not sure I would want to see you go back 20 years.

R. Bayne

Erika (aka Ocean Girl) said...

R. Bayne,
I'd love to be 20 again..but only if I can keep my 40 years lessons of life :-).

Seagreen, Harvey is about half Irgor's size and if I was a betting gal I'd put a sawbuck on Igor in the first round :-).