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Friday, June 18, 2010

Blonde moments

Just wanted to recap my blonde moments for the month.

Blonde moment #1
Forgot to drill drain holes on anchor storage before whipping said storage to stanchions.(see photo below)

Blonde moment #2
Whipped 100 feet of line to secure anchor storage instead of using 2 big hose clamps.

Blond moment #3
Used 2 inch galvanized nails to secure carpet to big floating dock, wised up and bought 1 inch nails ( but only after hammering 40 of the 2 inch :-) )

Blonde moment #4
Hung my SSCA flag upside down. I didn't notice the upside down flag until the SSCA commodore stopped by to chat, he pointed up at the flag and asked if I was sending out a distress signal. In my defense (kinda) my neck was so sore from nailing all those 2 inch nails in the floating dock, the creak in my neck prevented me from looking up at the flag :-).

Well thats all the blonde moments for this month. Yes I know it is only June 18th but I figure (now stay with me) I'll post early so there will be no more blonde moments until July 1st...that is called blonde strategy :-)


Neophyte Cruiser said...

Those are some of the attributes that make blonds so lovable, Erika! Quirky but lovable...

Erika (aka Ocean Girl) said...

Hehe, glad you think so. Thankfully, Ocean Girl (the boat) takes my blonde moments in stride.