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Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Flotilla...In The Making

The above photos are of my floating docks. They were at my old marina and I finally found some kind soul to help me get them over to my boat. One I bought for $20 bucks from a guy moving to Hawaii. I put carpet on it and seems to be a good float to work on and keep my future inflatable on. The other little floating dock is for my kayak and I will put carpet on it this weekend.

I am learning to sew! My mom finally put her foot down and refused to sew one more stitch for me, stating it was high time I learned myself. Well, I always considered myself very inept at sewing but it seems when the going gets tough (mom), the tough get going (me :-)). So my first sewing project was a sunbrella canvas storage bag for my beloved hammock. Have I told you about my hammock? I bought it in Mexico and love sitting in it every morning at sunrise and every evening at sunset (on my days off). Above is a picture of Bunny enjoying the hammock on the bow of OG...Bunny's story - Bunny was given to me by my niece on my birthday to keep me company aboard OG, I had also just lost my cat. Bunny also went to Mexico with me. I took lots of photos of bunny having fun on vacation and on the boat, I will make a book about bunny's adventures for my niece for her birthday. She loved that bunny and it was quite a sacrifice to give it to me but she said she wanted to give me the best birthday present ever and she did :-).

My rigger friend installed a new topping lift today and we ran a flag halyard up the backstay. He also installed a new windex with an extension off the back so I can see it much better. I told him when I'm in the Pacific I will think of him every time I peer up at my windex. I have known Robert for 15 years and is like a crazy uncle to me. I am like a annoying little sister to him -correct that, I am like an annoying little blonde sister. He has an endless supply of blonde jokes, Drives me crazy cause some are strangely similar to me...hmm, makes one wonder where he gets his material ;-).

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