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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone..

Not much to report here on OG. Work has come to a stand still, though the to do list has lengthened (ho hum). I have been sick since feb 24th, yes FEB 24th! I picked up some killer stomach bug from hell. I either got it from my yacht club restaurant (asparagus) or I got it from some bag lettuce. Nurses tend to wait till deaths door before going to a doctor, and since I am a nurse I had to live up to the reputation. But by day 9 I finally saw a doc who informed me that I have a stomach bug(surprise!) I am now on meds (day 3) hoping I will feel better tomorrow.

The addition to my To Do lists are
1.)Buy life jackets (forgot I threw out the old moldy ones)
2.)Get anchor onboard, they don't work very well stowed in the dock box (kinda important don't ya think?)

I really need to buy a new anchor, right now her only anchor is a 25lb plow. I like the Manson 25lb, they are made in New Zealand I believe. I will have 70 feet of 1/4 PC chain and 250 of mega plait for her rode. I posted a pic of a SS version of the new style Manson anchor. The roll bar over the top is supposed to make it self-righting. It is rated for everything (mud, rocks, sand, coral,and grassy bottom). I am trying to pick out a swivel for connecting the anchor to the chain but the SWL and BS are hard to find or inconsistent. I like the Kong swivels. When I worked for West Marine they carried the Kongs, back then they were works of art (form and function)I wonder if they still are.


Lacey and Nathan said...

Hope you are feeling better! :)

Erika (aka Ocean Girl) said...

Thanks, had my first real meal today so things are looking up.

marcro said...

Best Price I could get a Manson 25 galvanised supreme in NZ for is approx $200USD, shipping to the US would kill the price!!
Glad you're feeling better!

Couldnt find you're friends yacht in Whangarei........hope hes not in the Fiji area they are having their worst cyclone in 20 years right now.


Erika (aka Ocean Girl) said...

Nope he is still in Whangarei, I just talked to him today :) He is aboard a big steel yacht named Learnativity, I believe he is in a mooring field. The manson 25lb is about $340 here in the US. I hear the cyclone season has been long and hard this year.

marcro said...

Yes there is a sister cyclone hitting the Vanuatu area at the same time as Fiji!!