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Saturday, December 4, 2010


I created a blog for my (now our) adventures aboard Rain Dog, here is the link. I am not web savvy so not sure how to tie these two blogs together so this is the best I got. I will have a permanent link at the top of OG's page.

I will put Ocean Girl (the boat :-) ) up for sale as soon as I get her all squared away with outstanding projects. She served me well that beautiful boat, a wonderful companion and teacher to get me back into the swing of boat maintenance and repair. It is kinda funny, I have settled into life aboard Rain Dog easier than I did aboard Ocean Girl. Even stranger and hard to admit is that I have not missed Ocean Girl one bit, maybe it is a sign of just how lonely I was and how happy I am now. However, I will always cherish those nights cuddled up in the Vberth feeling her rock me to sleep and the wonderful sunrises I shared with her in my hammock.

Anyways here is the link to Rain Dog's site for those interested .

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