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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Welcome Home Como No !!

I have had a busy week! The arrival of some friends after a 13 year circumnavigation has given my motivation a real boost. Thursday I ran into my friends Ann and Will s/v "Como No" in the marina laundry house. I knew they were coming home but wasn't sure when. kinda amazing, the last time I saw them was at my parents circumnavigation party and now they were coming home from RTW. While washing and drying my laundry Ann transported me to a Pacific atoll, sailing up the Great Barrier reef, and a magical Mediterranean voyage. She added about 4 more must see cruising ports on my already growing list. So dag nabbit, it looks like I will end up circumnavigating after all, funny how I have come full circle on that (am I good with the bad puns or what :) ). Then Will (captain of Como No) shared a captivating story about a pirate close encounter and my favorite topic of all time...ANCHORS!!! He is an encyclopedia of information for boat repair and systems. Last weekend we went out to dinner together and I mentioned my project of tightening the alternator belt, it may sound like an easy project but I am a bit timid about touching my new inboard diesel, a Volvo MD 2020 aptly named "Honey bunny". Anyways, when I mentioned I needed to tighten the belt, Will smiled broadly and said he's got just the tool for that project and to wait for him to get back in town so he can direct me how to use it. They also gave me a chart of the Spanish/Portugal coast.. this brings up the question, do you think my mom and dad would mind if I asked Como No to adopt me :-) just kidding mom and dad!

My uncle is out of ICU and even took some steps!! way to go Uncle Bill!! We have been praying hard for you. The other family drama seems to be settling down too so looks like projects on OG are going to ramp up again (yahoo).


Lacey and Nathan said...

WOW 13 years! Now, that's what I call an adventure! :-) I'm glad your friends made it safely!

Will said...

Hey thanks for the great comments - we enjoyed so much sharing our experiences with you and look forward to many more times like those we shared last week. By the way, I have a lead on an inflatable dinghy if you are interested. Keep the dream alive.