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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tap Tap Tap..is this thing on?

OK, my first post on my first blog. I should say something profound... hmmm I got nothin. Well, before I unleash my thoughts upon the universe I better make sure this thing works.
God Bless,


Skip said...

Dear Erika (the girl) I am so very proud of you. a Blog to call your own...

Live Long, and write often.

xo skip

Alexandra aka mom said...

You go girl - Ocean girl that is! Love ya, Alexandra aka Mom

Frank Francis said...

Hello Erika,

I saw you in a forum. I sold my Cape Dory 28 last September. Her home was South Shore Harbour near you. My wife and I really miss her and plan on buying another boat this year. We're considering another Cape Dory, Contessa 32, or other such vessels but we really love Cape Dorys. I've been race crewing lately on a Contessa 35. I still have my blog for Unicorn: http://www.unicornlog.blogspot.com. PS... my wife works in the OR department at St. John's. A lot in common :-) Congrats on your blog and blessings on your planned venture to Australia. Frank!

Bob Fomenko said...

Nice start Erika.
Used to hang around Kemah a few years (8-10?) ago looking at boats. Changed a lot since then.